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Fishin & Pickin

Larry Keel

FISHIN N PICKIN combines 2 unique but thoroughly complementary pleasures: the satisfying thrill of sports fishing, and the energizing intensity of live music. As professional, traveling purveyors of both of these pursuits, we find that there’s a common thread that brings together a wonderful network of like-minded folks all across the world, who seek out the deep qualities that characterize both fishing and playing or listening to music. It’s a mystical connection, one that brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to a world overwhelmed with so much artificiality and staleness. Seems like we’d all like to connect more to people, places, sights, sounds and sensations that make you feel fired up!

We thought it only ‘natural’ to combine these 2 enjoyments into a showcase of the best, the most informative, the most exciting, the most fun presentation of all things Fishin N Pickn. We’re talking EVERYTHING Fishin (all species, salt and freshwater): what they bite, where, when, how– featuring videos, pictures, tips, links, blogs, everything you need to know to be a more informed and skilled fisherman. Resources like this are sure to help everyone become happier ‘catchers’ of fish… instead of just fishin for fish! At the same time, there’s the Pickin part of the fun. Not pickin beans or berries– we’re talking about pickin MUSIC. If you’ve ever noticed every fishing show you see on television, there’s almost always some acoustic music played behind it. Most often, it’s someone pickin a guitar. And most often, it’s a soft, subtle and gentle affect-very soothing. read more

Fishin & Pickin Photos

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